NEW WARRIORS #51 (1994)

At a time when The Avengers was uneven (and often unreadable), and full of people I had barely heard of and didn’t care about, New Warriors emerged as a book that was unpredictable, exciting, and fun.

In this issue, they get famous after saving the world and get a new base and new members…

I love this. Those kind of silly diagrams have been great all the way back to the Lee/Kirby days.

The issue spends time with the expanding cast, with guys like Darkhawk and Dagger declining to join, while Mad Thinker’s Primus shape-changing android turns into dogs and ducks and lurks in the background. But when Thinker finally shows himself, he just tells the group what he’s observed about them…

…And then drives away.

I can’t tell you what a relief this issue is. I’ve been slogging through the ’90s, and this comic is just wonderful in every way.

The only thing of importance, really, is that Silhouette and Bandit resign from the team.

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