Secret Wars II #3 (1985)

After befriending a pimp (don’t ask) who helps Beyonder lose his virginity in an orgy, Beyonder decides to become a crime lord.

He likes it so much, he decides to take over the entire planet.

This gets Molecule Man’s attention.  But instead of there being a big battle, Beyonder simply gets bored and stops doing it.

If Steve Gerber were writing this book, it would have been awesome.  But Jim Shooter, who really is best at writing team books and big fights (which is why he was perfect for the first Secret Wars) lacks the education or intellect (maybe?) for a book with this kind of depth.  Interesting ideas, poorly executed and terribly drawn.

There’s also cross-promotion to Transformers. That book is emphatically not canon, so I’m saying these three panels are not canon.

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