Marvel Comics Presents #129-130 (1993): Crossbones and American Eagle

 John Figueroa writes a story showing how Crossbones escapes custody, leaving the character free to fight another day.  It’s the kind of story there wouldn’t be room for in most books, because it would be background for why Crossbones is the villain in a larger story.  So it’s a good use of an anthology to tell it here, and give a little insight into how devious he can be.

A better-than-average 8-pager.

The same creative team have an 8-pager in #130 about American Eagle. It’s not as good. It’s also the third time they’ve worked with the character.

I wonder if Marvel was trying to see if the character could do a standalone series?  If so, thankfully, their decision was “no.”  Grade: F.  Nothing to see here, let’s move on.

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