UNCANNY X-MEN #338 (1996): Archangel gets feathery again; Pyro “dies”

This issue is a jumbled mess. I think the main point of it is to signal that Apocalypse is back–but none of us ever really doubted that.

Psylocke has a red mark on her face now and I think she can teleport.

The new prescient, Ozymandias, visits Angel and tells him that he is losing his metal wings as a gift from Apocalpyse.

Angel’s razorwings molt back into their original feathers.

So Angel runs away and for some reason fights Pyro. Then his teammates find him and I think Pyro dies–but it’s hard to tell.

We’re reminded that he has the legacy virus.

Joseph (and the other X-Men) seem to be the only ones who doubt that Joseph is not the real Magneto with amnesia.

Us readers knew from the start because this is a stupid plotline in a comic overstocked with time travelers, mimics, clones, alternate reality versions, etc. Graydon Creed is still running for President, and Bobby Drake and Sam Guthrie are infiltrating his campaign.

There is way, way, way too much going on in this book and none of it is very interesting right now. It’s like Lobdell is substituting dropping lots of plot points for actually creating a story.

2 thoughts on “UNCANNY X-MEN #338 (1996): Archangel gets feathery again; Pyro “dies””

  1. You’re right! This title IS overstocked with too many plotlines, most of which are sleeping pills! The ‘X-Men’ series- along with every other comic-book series-works best with just ONE plotline going on. Why were “The Galactus Trilogy”, the 1969 “Captain America/Red Skull Body-Swap” opus, the 1970 “Thor/Loki Body-Swap” opus, Giant-Size X-Men#1, the entire 1969 Thomas-Adams ‘X-Men’ run, and the entire 1968-1970 ‘Silver Surfer’ series all so successful-?? Because ALL of these literary masterpieces contained NO SUBPLOTS!!!!!!! NONE!!!!!! Not a SINGLE ONE!!!!!!! So, yeah, Scott Lobdell and Marvel need to take a page from the past and stop trying to make their product oversophisticated for Rhoades Scholars, and just get back to the business of telling great, single-issue un-overblown super-stories! BUT…………….at least we got the Angel back, with this issue! I’ll settle for that! Word!!


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