LUNATIK #1-3 (1995-1996): Original Lunatik dies

One of the character’s cocreators gets to write three very strange issues about him. We learn his origin–he’s been around for centuries, killing everything in his path. He wiped out all life on his own planet and then started watching TV shows where he saw Lunatik 1 fight the Defenders in Dollar Bill’s documentary about the team.

Deciding he can be the only Lunatik in the universe, he goes to Earth and kills Earth’s version. He then bumps around Earth for a bit crashing into the mansion of, and fighting, Avengers and stuff. Then it’s back off to space to fight a space church.

The art is clearly a tribute to Kieth Giffen, the other cocreator of the character, and the style is somewhere between an attempt to create someone people will care about and a Not Brand Eecch satire of Lobo. It’s not really my kind of comic, but it’s not bad for what it is.

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