SENSATIONAL SHE-HULK #34-35 (1991-1992)

John Byrne his back, which means some cheesecake pix of She-Hulk.

But at least when he does it, it’s smart.

The splash page takes us back to the classic Fantastic Four #275, where She-Hulk sunbathed topless on the roof of the Baxter Building.

Only she’s got her top in in this one.

For the main story, She-Hulk fights The Black Talon, who resurrects some dead X-Men, called The X-Humed (that’s pretty funny), and so we see John Byrne drawing the X-Men again.

Actually, they’re mutants who only appeared in one or two issues of a mutant mag, like X-Factor.

In the picture above, Shulkie is kicking Garth.  Garth is an assistant to Black Talon, and a zombie.  Yes, he’s named after the zombie from Marvel’s Tales of the Zombie Magazine. I don’t think that he’s the same Garth, but I tagged him just in case.

And he’s in love with She-Hulk.

He’ll be in a couple more issues of She-Hulk, and eventually the “real” zombie Garth will become part of the M.U. as well.  If I’m still reading/writing about comics for this site at that time, I’ll be using the same “Zombie Garth” tag.

Also, Mahkizmo.

A fun, light story.

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