Avengers West Coast #63 (1990): 1st Living Lightning

Will the Original Human Torch accept an invitation to join the Avengers West Coast?

Answer: Kinda. He doesn’t seem to officially join, but he keeps hanging out with them. Which he’s been doing for a while anyway.

This story is the first appearance of Living Lightning, who is, basically, living lightning.  It’s an origin story—he was a member of a revolutionary group who got powers from equipment left behind by the old Lightning Lord–a Hulk enemy, who story appears in flashback, who appeared only once in Tales to Astonish #97-99, in a tale so trivial I didn’t even mention it in my write-up.

Scarlet Witch, who had a complete breakdown over the last year, is said to be completely recovered, which is convenient now that new writers are on the series.  Also…

…Tigra has gone feral again, and this time Agatha wants to help.

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