Amazing Spider-Man #290-292, Annual #21, and Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #7 (1987): The Spidey Wedding!



And then:

OK–that’s a dream. So is this:

This is the real deal:


Other than that…

Alistair Smythe has a new Spider Slayer. 

And MJ helps slay it.

Oh, and yay!  John Romita Jr.’s back!  If only for a few issues.  I do enjoy his art, so I’m a bit sad that most of these three comics involve conversations and introspection—not a lot of opportunity for him to draw action.  It’s good writing, though.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21 features the wedding, then Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man annual #7, has the honeymoon.  Of course, both events are crashed by villains.

Creative teams:
Amazing #290-292: David Michelinie and John Romita Jr. (#290-291), Alex Saviuk (#292
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21: Jim Shooter (plot), David Michelinie (script), Paul Ryan (pencils)
Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man annual #7: Jim Owsley, Alan Kupperberg


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