SPIDER-MAN #17 (1991): The Time Spider-Man Beat Thanos

Many of the tie-ins to the Infinity Gauntlet event were useless and pointless.  But this one, written by Ann Nocenti and illustrated by the great, underrated, and sadly forgotten Rick Leonardi, was actually pretty good.  Although it had little to do with the ongoing event.

Spider-Man dies while trying to save someone, and we see his spirit leave his body and meet Death and Thanos, who for some reason are hanging out together wherever it is that souls go when the body stops living. 


There’s debate and philosophy and, of course, fisticuffs, and in the end Death silently decides she’s not ready for Spidey.


Once again, Thanos seems to have no idea what his beloved wants.  It’s like they’re married or something.

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