UNCANNY X-MEN #207-209 (1986): Harry Leland dies

A jumbled mess wherein Wolverine and Rachel reenact the “Phoenix makes me crazy” story. Nice credits on the splash tho’.

It starts with Rachel’s nightmare that Wolverine is hunting her to avenge all the mutants she killed in the future timeline, when she involuntarily served the sentinels.


Dream Wolverine stalks her over and over.

The dreams drive Rachel to decide to try to kill off the Hellfire Club and change the trajectory of time.

Wolverine stops her, wounding her and causing her to hide in the tunnels under New York City. But Wolverine is also hurt.

Wolverine tells the X-Men what he did–stabbing Rachel–and everyone is mad at him.

And then they go looking for her.

Nimrod also tracks her down…

It becomes clear in these issues that Nimrod and Rachel are from the same timeline.

The Hellfire Club, too, are tracking Rachel. But first they find the X-Men.

Eventually, all the groups come together in a big battle. First, it’s Hellions-vs-X-Men.

And then it’s everybody vs Nimrod. Nimrod is doing well against the large band of mutants…Until Colossus faceplows Nimrod.

And then Harry Leland uses his gravity powers to bury Nimrod–but the effort gives him a heart attack and he dies.

But Spiral skunks them both and takes Rachel to Mojo’s Body Shoppe and does something to her.

What exactly is not shown–that’s the cliffhanger. Actually, it’s not. I have read that Marvel intended to have a Rachel Summers miniseries, but it never happened. So she just disappears for a bit.

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