CAPTAIN AMERICA #110 (1969): 1st Rick Jones Bucky, Viper; Jim Steranko

jim steranko captain america

Jim Steranko is one of those guys who everyone loved in the late 1960s/early 1970s but some reason he isn’t spoken of with the same kind of reverence as Jack Kirby, Gene Colan, Steve Ditko, and other name-brand artists of that same era.  But he was one of the most original.  Look at that splash page: Who was doing noir like that back then?  Nobody.  

He was a master of panel- and page-design, highly stylized, and truly an artist of and for the 1960s.

Stan Lee got the writing credit for this issue, but it’s clear that Steranko either did some of the writing or his style greatly influenced the script.  It went instantly from being an adventure book just last issue at the helm of Jack Kirby to one emphasizing spy gear and espionage.

This story introduces Viper, Madame Hydra.

And the Power Vest.

Also Hulk…

There’s a Hulk battle, and Rick gets hurt.

After getting injured by Hulk, Rick Jones decides to quit his partnership with Hulk and join up with Captain America.


As the new Bucky. This is the first appearance of Rick Jones as Bucky.  Great issue. One of the best single-issue stories in Marvel history!

2 thoughts on “CAPTAIN AMERICA #110 (1969): 1st Rick Jones Bucky, Viper; Jim Steranko”

  1. Agreed. It’s one of those stand-alone issues/stories that brands itself on your mind- and sometimes, your heart- and remains there for life. The wisdom of Cap’s taking on Rick as the new Bucky is extremely dubious at best. Cap is already grief-stricken enough as it is over the ( apparent ) demise of the first Bucky. How long does anyone expect Rick Jones to survive in combat against the types of adversaries and threats that Cap and the Avengers all tackle on a routine basis-?? Rick has only basic hand-to-hand combat skills, and NO weaponry of ANY SORT!!! Even Cap has to rely on his shield for survival on an almost daily basis!! In six issues, the Red Skull, disguised as Cap, will sucker Rick into leaving his post as “Bucky”. It’s the best thing that ever happened to him, and most probably saved his life. Can you just imagine how neurotic Cap would have become if and when Rick Jones would have been killed in duty, like the original ‘Bucky’ was supposed to have-?? Rick was actually safer working as the Hulk’s support-man. At least the Hulk was in a position to protect Rick with his titanic strength. This issue is also noteworthy as being the only Marvel Comic that ever showed Captain America using a tobacco product, on the first two pages! What a no-no!!! At least it never happened again, to my ( extensive and impressive ) knowledge. I guess even Captain America has to touch the stove to learn that it’s hot!! I agree with the author here- “A”!


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