This issue picks up right where Amazing Spider-Man #14 left off, with Green Goblin’s face obscured by a safe door.  


Goblin returns in this issue, but unfortunately for Spider-Man, he attacks right when news arrives that Aunt May is in the hospital.

Spidey finds out about his Aunt while he and Torch are fighting the Goblin, and so he runs away.

There will be ramifications of this decision for several issues to come.

Torch is able to scare Goblin off on his own. But the world isn’t ready to forgive him…

Also, check this out:

This is the first time Peter’s spider-sense warns him of a dangerous person who is not actually threatening him–usually, his spider-sense warns of imminent danger.

Green Goblin makes a great showing in this issue, with a wide variety of weapons and enough skill to evade capture from two heroes.

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