This miniseries is written by Roger Stern–one of the best Spider-Man writers of all time, and a man famously robbed of his own mystery when Marvel decided to overrule his plotlines and let others finish his original Hobgoblin story, turning the mystery villain into Ned Leeds. On art are two superstars.

Jason Macendale was the latest Hobgoblin, and he’s caught and put on trial–and while he’s in jail, the “original” Hobgoblin returns. Macendale is having nightmares…

And he is assassinated by the “real” Hobgoblin.

In the confusing original reveal, Hobgoblin was Betty Brant’s husband, reporter Ned Leeds. Now we learn otherwise.

Spider-Man never wanted to believe it was Ned Leeds anyway, as his dreams reveal…

Roger originally wanted fashion designer Roderick Kingsley to be Hobgoblin, and through some twisted retcons, he’s able to write that “ending” here. But Kingsley is dead by the time Macendale puts on the cowl–so if the “original” Hobgoblin has returned–and killed Jason Macendale–then who is under the mask?

It’s Roderick’s brother! This is classic Stern/soap opera stuff. I love it. I miss these kinds of comics. Note that the above panel is a tribute to this classic cover…

I’m glad Stern finally got to do the ending he wanted, even if it’s a decade later. And the art is great.

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