Marvel Super Heroes #10 (1992): Vision, Scarlet Witch, Sub-Mariner 

This month Marvel’s second anthology book starts with a very old inventory story of Vision and Scarlet Witch.  They fight zombies and evil spirits, and it clearly was intended to be part of the Vision and Scarlet Witch 12-issue maxi-series from last decade.

The story is pretty good—it’s Bill Mantlo—and the art is excellent: early Mike Mignola.  Grade: C+.

Sadly, from there we get a story by Barry Dutter and Patrick Archibald with Namor trying to take down an evil corporate raider who hired Rhino as a bodyguard.  It’s terrible.  Grade: F.

Then, there’s some pin-ups of varying quality, followed a Ms. Marvel two-parter inventory story that I’ve covered separately because it carries forward into issue #11.

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