X-Men Unlimited #48 (2003)

Wolverine doesn’t get featured enough, so the first story has him in the Savage Land working with Shanna.  It’s nice to see her again—it’s been over a year. 

We learn that she and Ka-Zar are still not getting along after the events of the Ka-Zar series.

Believe it or not, the villain here is a strain of mutant fleas that traveled to the Savage Land on a non-native dog.  I like a good dog story.  Plus, Shanna and Logan have well-written interactions, and she’s a character we don’t see much of.

The second story has Mystique in SHIELD custody, earning her freedom by killing a world leader.  The story doesn’t mention Mystique’s new ongoing series, where she takes on a formal espionage role for Professor X, but the short story is a good lead-in for that book.

Overall, a nicely done issue.

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