The Black Cat returns.  She’s still crushing hard on Spider-Man, and she’s got the detonator for a nuclear bomb, which Owl, Doctor Octopus, and Kingpin are all vying for.  Oh, and did I mention she was still crushing hard on Spidey?

Every gal wants to be with Pete, and they’re all nuts.

There’s a bunch of stylized battles for the underworld, with Spider-Man trying to stop the three separate villains from building a nuke.  I like this one the best:

spectacular spider-man 78

But I also like Ock choking Spider-Man to shut him up.

Ock kidnaps Cat, which is lame, but Marvel sneaks in an ad for its creator-driven Epic Comics business line.

And it culminates with…

After he rips off the arms, the arms keep doing his will, which is cool, but it’s never really explained how come he was able to rip them off here but not in any prior issues.  Still, it’s a balls-out moment. The story ends with Ock in surgery getting the arms reattached, and Black Cat also recovering in the hospital from the beating Octopus gave her.

As a result of her helping defeat these criminals, Jeanne DeWolff gets her amnesty.

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