Sub-Mariner Annual #3 (1993)

The main story shows Sub-Mariner taking on Apocalypse…Sort of. He’s actually fighting a robot built by Apocalypse. Apocalypse wants to clone Namor and uses the robot–called “The Assassin”–to do it.

She fails and winds up at the bottom of the ocean. Believe it or not, she’ll reappear in a 2018 issue of Deadpool.

‘The art is by a team of unnamed artists, and its bad.’The art is by a team of unnamed artists, and its bad.

Then, there is a back up with Iron Fist. It’s not much better.

Here’s a nice pin-up though:

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  1. You’re right! The main feature is a giant, grade “F” nothing-burger! Why does Marvel hate it’s flagship character so much??? Put some freaking decent TALENT on this series, so it will ever-lovin’ SELL!!!! Find a supporting cast whom it would make sense for Namor to hang with! The Sting-Ray comes to mind, and his cute sister Diane, as well. Captain America and the Original Human Torch, as well. Hell, the modern Human Torch, as well as the rest of the Fantastic Four, and maybe even a few of the Avengers, as well as Dr. Strange, Clea, Wong, and some of THAT bunch! It just makes no sense for Namor to be hob-nobbing with Iron Fist, Misty Knight, Luke Cage, Colleen Wing, and THAT crowd! I realize what Marvel was trying to do with this- they were trying to get THAT franchise a going concern again, by using the ‘Sub-Mariner’ series and cast as a launch-point! They need to concentrate on trying to make the ‘Sub-Mariner’ series an “A”-list hit FIRST, before trying to use it as a springboard for newer hits! A lot of characters in comics simply don’t have any logical reason to be hob-nobbing with each other, and Namor and his bunch and Iron Fist and his crew are two such examples! Just no logical reason to be around each other! This Thing/Sub-Mariner pin-up is funny, though- it looks like we’re one second away from the Thing giving Gills a serious case of indecent exposure! Imperious Rex!!


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