Silver Surfer #19-20 (1989)

Silver Surfer #19 galactus frankie raye

I really like Steve Englehart’s run on this book, but I don’t get Silver Surfer’s relationship with Galactus.  He seems to have forgiven the big G for threatening to eat his planet, splitting him apart from his one true love, and imprisoning him on Earth.  He seems to have forgotten how many times he himself has tried to trick or starve the planet eater, and instead is protective of him when the Elders of the Universe try to kill Galactus.

Anyway, after the events of the last half dozen issues, Silver Surfer escorts the Fantastic Four back to Earth while Nova finds a meal for Galactus.  We see plot development in a thread that, frankly, I’d forgotten about: Firelord and Starfox are still searching for Nebula, and they hook up with Reptyl.  Rather than have information about Nebula, Reptyl has the deets on Silver Surfer, who Firelord holds (wrongly) responsible for the death of Air Walker, who was a friend of Firelord.

Got all that?  This all happened like ten issues ago already.

So then Firelord fights Surfer and Starfox holds Nova at bay (using his love powers) so she can’t help in the fight.  It’s former herald versus former herald!

Also in these issues is a pop in to see that Nenora the Skrull is still masquerading as the leader of the Kree, and using Kree armies to kill off Skrull armies that oppose her.  The opposition has recruited Super Skrull to fight the Kree.  So a skrull is killing skrulls by pretending to be a kree.  Got it?

There’s a lot of complex relationships in these issues, which is cool—but it can get confusing if you don’t’ pay attention.

Reptyl also dumps Clumsy Foulup on a strange planet, leaving him in charge.

So maybe we won’t see this character again?

Finally, Mantis is on Earth beating up cops and pining for Surfer.

As a result of the battle with Firelord and Starfox using his seduction powers on Nova, Surfer and Nova are not hanging out together anymore and Surfer is feeling sorry for himself and like nobody loves him, which is normal for this character.  Methinks he’ll be reconnecting with Mantis soon.

Under Englehart’s watch, Surfer is kind of a playa.


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