Captain Marvel #36-38 (1975)

Lots of creators on these issues.  Issue #36 is basically a few pages of prologue to the story arc, followed by a reprint of an old CM story. Sadly, Starlin is gone and the book suffers mightily for his absence.  But at least we get to see him draw Uatu in issue #36.  Note how menacing the Watcher is under Starlin’s pen, and then look at him in the very next issue…

He’s just fat and silly now that he’s replaced by Al Milgrom.

Milgrom drew just about every Marvel title at some point in the 1970s-1980s, and I’ve never liked his work.  Anyway, at least the scripts are good.

Mar-Vell is trying to track down the Lunatic Legion, who are the ones who sent the Living Laser robot to kill Rick Jones last issue, and Hank Pym Ant-Man tells him that their hideout is on the moon.  I don’t think Hank Pym is kidding, but this is clearly ridiculous.  But rather than question Pym’s facts, Mar-Vell takes a trip up to the moon where The Watcher tries to make good on his threat to kill the Captain.  Turns out, the Lunatic Legion are actually a bunch of Kree and they are in fact based on the moon.  They want to kill Captain Marvel because they are racial purists and Mar-Vell is part human.

Marvel managed to work racism into every book on the market back then.

After beating the Kree, Uatu is repentant about breaking his non-interference oath and tries to kill himself.  Seriously.

Anyway, the gun doesn’t work and some other Watchers show up and take him to stand trial.

Creators:  Steve Englehart (script) and Jim Starlin (#36), Al Milgrom (#37-39)

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