Uncanny X-Men #214 (1987): Dazzler Joins

Occasional collaborator Barry Windsor-Smith returns for a Dazzler story!  Alison is opening for Lila Cheney, who calls the X-Men for help because Dazzler is possessed by Malice (of the Marauders).

She attacks her audience. Rogue addresses the crowd.

But that’s actually Malice, setting the X-Men up for bad public relations.

Wolverine also gets possessed by Malice.

And Psylocke stops him.

Psylocke is a full-on member now, involved in combat operations.

Dazzler’s powers finally seem to matter. 

Malice can’t seem to possess Storm–perhaps because her mutant powers are still neutralized?


In the end, Dazz joins the team.

Before the action starts, Wolverine and Callisto are “talking” (throwing knives and stuff).

Wolverine seems to concede here that a throat-shot would kill him. But that’s clearly not so based on other appearances of the character where he’s undergone severe bodily damage.

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