CABLE #20; UNCANNY X-MEN #319-321; X-FACTOR #108-111, X-MEN #38-41 (1994-1995): LEGION QUEST

I’ve not been secretive that I don’t love mid-’90s X-Men. These issues are a prelude to Age of Apocalypse, an event that was quite literally apocalyptic for Marvel’s mutants. In this story, Legion goes back in time to kill Magneto but instead he accidentally kills Professor X. This launches the “Earth 295” alternate reality, which Bishop has to try to eliminate during the AoA event.

That’s really all that happens in these issues–at least all of “import.”. There really should be more “meat” in them, but I get that since Marvel is shuttering the titles for 4 months they really couldn’t expect people to keep track of storylines that would be frozen in time. And what do I mean by frozen? At the end of the event, on the last page of X-Men #41, everything goes “crystal….”

There’s nothing wrong with this story. It’s fine. I think the sheer number of timelines, characters, comic book series, one-shots, etc., that all look and sound like this one make the better ones (like this) feel less special.

After this story, all these books (and other X-books) go on hiatus for Age of Apocalypse.

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