DEFENDERS #5-7 (2001): 1st Nagala

Yay! Headmen!

After last issue, the team all split up again and start trying to get back their own lives and adventures. But when the old Defenders’ enemies The Headmen steal an artifact and Valkyrie and Hellcat fail to stop them, the core members are all teleported back together by the Yandroth Curse. Except Silver Surfer, who is missing.

But instead of being teleported to help stop the Headmen, they end up on a flying island facing Bi-Beast.

When Bi-Beast punches Hulk off the flying island, the curse teleports him back again.

That’s pretty funny.

Turns out, the island is owned by Red Raven’s Avians, who are trying to bust into our dimension. The rest of the team show up there, courtesy of Papa Hagg’s teleportation spells, and foil Red Raven.

When that’s over, halfway through issue #7, Namor tells them that Attuma has conquered Atlantis again, but every time he tries to stop Attuma, he gets teleported to wherever his team-mates are. So, they all go to Atlantis together and fight Attuma and his gang that includes Orka, Tiger Shark, and Piranha…

…And that Serpent Crown wearing chick, whose name is Nagala. She’s kind enough to give us her own character summary…

There are six of them, they live underwater, and they collectively go by the name Deep Six.

What does all that have to do with The Headmen?


They’ll be back next arc, after issue #8, where the team goes looking for Silver Surfer.

And also, on the last page of this arc, there is a random assassination very reminiscent of the old Elf with a Gun scenes.

Could it be him? I hope so!

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