CLASSIC X-MEN #26-28 (1988)

Chris Claremont doesn’t write the original back-ups in these issues.

The first, #26, is a weird one written by letterer Tom Orzechowski. Logan is at a bar with Banshee, Cyclops and Nightcrawler, and he flashes back to when he was arm wrestling there twenty years earlier. The flashback occurs right before he meets Alpha Flight, which is the story reprinted in the next issue.

And Bolton draws it in a cartoon style.

Then, in #27, Ann Nocenti gets to write a Wolverine story. Lots of Wolverine going on in the Marvel Universe. An ever-increasing amount. Nocenti also pens the feature in #28, a Halloween story where the X-Men show up at a party where people are dressed like them.

Bolton is experimenting with a variety of styles across these issues. Overall, they’re not as strong as the Claremont features, but it’s nice to see other creators experiment with Marvel’s most popular characters.

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