UNCANNY X-MEN #177 (1984): Colossus frozen; Paul Smith leaves

The cover refers to the opening dream sequence, which is pretty cool…

Main story:


Mystique is Rogue’s adopted mother, but in this issue there’s a hint that she means something more to Nightcrawler.

After she fails to stab him….

She tells him to talk to his mother.

Note the trenchcoat disguise. Red is not the color to wear if you’re trying to fly under the radar.

And what the hell is she doing to Cyclops here?

Or maybe the better question is, what did he do to her?

She tries to take down the X-Men with her Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, by getting Colossus to run into a trap.

Pyro tries to melt him.

But Colossus apparently can’t melt.

He can, however, get severely burned, then hit with liquid nitrogen (by Avalanche), and stuck in his armored state.

After they get defeated by the X-Men, Mystique takes them to Arcade to train against his robot version of the team.

This was Paul Smith’s last issue.

Above article is from Comics Journal #81. And speaking of goodbyes, the Summers brothers say goodbye to Corsair.

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  1. I’d give a nice nickel to know just what was going on between Cyclops and Mystique in this issue-and why!! They say that love is stronger than hate, ( although I personally have not seen this to be the case ) so maybe Cyke and Misty are onto something here!


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