Alpha Flight #33-34 (1986): Heather becomes Vindicator

So you recently inherited a book written and drawn by the same guy who created the characters, and the book was doing phenomenally well with that kind of unique voice and point-of-view.  What do you do when you’ve met John Byrne and you know you’re no John Byrne?

Bring in Wolverine!

To facilitate her training, the new Guardian, Heather Hudson, asks the old Alpha Flight member for training help.

The result is a bunch of flashbacks about Wolverine’s history with Alpha Flight, and then Lady Deathstrike attacks them.

Why is she dressed like a samurai and not in her adamantium-enhanced body, created by Spiral? I’m going to assume it’s because that hasn’t happened yet chronologically, even though X-Men #205 predated this issue.

In the end, Heather changes her name from Guardian to Vindicator, which was the original name her husband used before he changed it to Guardian.

Actually, at the very end we see Marrina, who we haven’t heard from in a while, getting captured by Attuma.

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