David Kraft and George Perez take over this title and offer the final story before it is cancelled.

Man-Wolf fights a mob of white rednecks led by Hate Monger, who offers a resume of his own failures.

The battle ends up in space, at Hate Monger’s old space station, now occupied by SHIELD. The early issues of this feature portrayed Man-Wolf as an out-of-control monster–now he is capable of strategic infiltration and has control over his wolf-side.

(Curiously, the space bad guy contingent is led by a guy who calls himself Harrison Turk. He’s actually an interdimensional intruder who will return, in The Defenders, as Lunatik.

Once aboard, Man-Wolf takes on a forgettable indimensional band of villains who seek to steal his moonstone. After holding them off, we see some scientists took scans of Man-Wolf during the battle.

The stone is a symbiote.

This is waaaaaaay before Venom so, I guess, it’s kind of ahead of its time.

This looks like a cliffhanger, but if you’re on the edge, you’ll be hanging a long time. The book is cancelled after this story, with the above being the final panel.

Best part of these issues is watching George Perez get better with each issue, and seeing some of his early work as his unique and excellent style develops.

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