West Coast Avengers #40 (1989): 1st Misfit

A fill-in issue featuring Night Shift and the first appearance of the barbarian-looking “Misfit.”

A savage doesn’t really fit with the horror theme of the team.   

Night Shift fight both the Hawkeye and Mockingbird factions of the team. First, Mockingbird takes down Digger. I like Night Shift, even though they’re dumb. Mockingbird beats Frankenstein (“Digger”) by stepping on a shovel. Don’t think he’s Frankenstein?

When she takes him to the cops, they basically say he’s actually Frankenstein.

I mean, he is right? There’s no point in calling him Digger. I call him Frankenstein in the character tags.

The rest of the Night Shift team then assembles and goes after the WCA teams.

Afterwards, Shroud agrees to give Mockingbird’s digits to Hawkeye.

It’s not a terrible issue, which makes it better than most of the Englehart run.

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