New Warriors #2 (1990): 1st Midnight’s Fire, Silhouette

Two of The New Warriors had solo books in the past (Nova and Speedball). Namorita has a major “Robin” type role in Sub-Mariner’s solo comic. Firestar was a TV star before joining this team.

So maybe it makes sense that issue #2 focuses on Night Thrasher—one of the two lesser-known members of the team (Marvel Boy is the other). 

In this story, we meet Midnight’s Fire and Silhouette, two characters Thrasher worked with when he was a street vigilante. Silhouette has lost the use of her legs. She will later be revealed as the daughter of Andrew Chord, who is New Warriors’ handler.

Midnight’s Fire kicks Night Thrasher’s ass and has an appropriate view of his skateboard.

Exactly.  You can’t be a menacing Batman/Punisher hybrid and ride a skateboard.  You just can’t.  It’s insulting to your enemies.

During the fight with a street gang working for Midnight’s Fire’s, author Fabian Nicieza shows us how well he can write a smart-mouthed hero who speaks in yellow word balloons.

Nicieza will become well-known for his Deadpool work later in his career.

Eventually, Night Thrasher redeems himself.

They will become regulars in the New Warriors book in the future.

This is a good book, even if some of the scenes are familiar. Like, the team has its own version of a Danger Room, and Tai walks in during a training session.

We’ve seen this many times before in X-books. But overall, it doesn’t detract. This is the rare example of a comic that debuted in the ’90s and was solidly above average.

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