X-Force #52-54 (1996)

Siryn, Domino and Meltdown fight Blob. They win, but at the end Blob gets taken away by Mimic.

Blob is GIGANTIC in this issue, and Tabitha seems willing to kill him.

I’m not sure why Blob is so grotesque, but Tabitha is an intentional evolution of the character from “childlike new member” to badass.

At the end of #52, Gideon is thrown out a window and is dead. Yay! I hate Gideon. I hate all the Externals. And issue #53 picks up right from there, where Cule and Absalom–both Externals–arrive and see members of X-Force standing over Gideon’s body and assume they killed him.

They all fight, of course, and before it’s over Selene shows up. She says the X-Ternals have outlived their usefulness (I completely agree) and that’s why she killed Gideon.

Issue #54 has the X-Force in police custody telling the story of what happened when Selene arrived. The Externals and X-Force teamed up, but she still won.

The cops, inexplicably, let X-Force go.

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