UNCANNY X-MEN #371, X-MEN #91, X-MEN ANNUAL 1999 (1999): Rage Against the Machine

The team is looking for Douglock. I guess since the “search for Charles Xavier” is over, the mutants have to look for something. They track him to the SHIELD helicarrier.

Nick Fury is missing in action, and the new SHIELD director–Major Remington Sole (horrible name) has built a new Deathlok.

It’s being run remotely by an imprisoned Machine Man.

Nick doesn’t love this.

It would be nice if there were a SHIELD story where this could be told without all the mutant stuff added in.

Anyway, the Douglock trail leads past SHIELD to Red Skull, who now has a giant hand made off of Warlock tech.

Like the new Deathlok, Douglock is struggling with someone controlling his body and actions (Red Skull). Also, Major Sole is being remotely bossed around by Red Skull.

The team end up defeating Red Skull, who escapes capture, and freeing Douglock and Machine Man. The Deathlok also gets free and is presumed to be running around unsupervised.

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