WEBSPINNERS #10-12 (1999): Chameleon “dies”

Sean Phillips–best known for his long-time partnership with Ed Brubaker–illustrates a rare Marvel story. That’s a treat!

And Paul Jenkins is an excellent and sophisticated writer so…Yeah. This is a good story.

Chameleon decides to terrorize Peter Parker/Spider-Man, claiming to have been “his first” villain (which is correct, if you consider Amazing Spider-Man #1 to be the first real Spider-Man adventure–and not the fight against the Burglar in Amazing Fantasy #15).

The art is phenomenal and so is the crazy making…

To be sure: We’ve seen villains driving Spider-Man insane in the past. (By Mysterio or Norman Osborn, etc.). But the art here is what really sells it.

Chameleon kidnaps Mary Jane, and threatens to throw her off the Brooklyn Bridge–just like Gwen.

Chameleon seems to die at the end of the issue. Of course he’s not really dead…But this is a great story.

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