Power Man and Iron Fist #92 (1983): 1st Eel 2

The first Busiek issue is a good one–one of the top 10 issues of this series.

Hammerhead is on a prison transport, and the government hires our heroes to ensure he gets where he’s supposed to go. On the splash page, they’re outside the Gem and the movie being shown is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I wonder if that was Busiek or Cowan’s idea?

The Eel and Man-Mountain Marko show up and try to hijack the truck and free the crimelord.

This is the first appearance of this new version of The Eel (Edward Lavell version).

Fights on trucks are always fun!

And titling a car-chase issue “Riding Shotgun” is a nice touch.

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