X-MEN #28 (1994)

Jean struggles in the aftermath of Professor X’s decision to rehabilitate Sabretooth. In anticipation of her marriage with Cyclops, she uses Sabretooth to work out her old crush-y feelings for Wolverine. But it really just ends up with Sabretooth acting like a dick (like he always does) and Jean beating the shit out of him.

There’s nothing particularly wrong or (or right) about this issue. I mean, I guess it is nice to have a one-issue story in a comic that is horrendously tied-in to five or six other titles per month.

1 thought on “X-MEN #28 (1994)”

  1. You’re right. As single-issue stories go, this one wasn’t too bad. It’s best point is how it shows just how deadly Marvel Girl’s telekinetic powers can be. She messed up Sabretooth pretty good! However, on the cover, they look as if they’re locked in a tango, not a battle to the death!


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