INFINITY GAUNTLET #5 and Silver Surfer #59 (1991)


“Astral Conflagration.” That’s the title of the fifth installment of the famous infinity gauntlet event.  Last issue, Thanos killed or maimed the last of the superheroes who survived the snap. And he was creative about it.

Like, he knew Starfox has seduction powers, so he took away his mouth.

This issue, Thanos takes on the Marvel Universe’s cosmic characters.

He starts with Lord Order and Master Chaos, who at first seem to have an edge.

But no, he simply obliterates them.

Then Eternity.

…Who gets imprisoned with the rest of the universe’s elders.

Terraxia is a lover created by Thanos using the gauntlets after it became clear that Death was not going to fall for him no matter what he did.

Then Kronos.

And even the Celestials.

Then, when all seems lost….


His granddaughter steals the gauntlets!

She kills Terraxia, the heroes spring back to life, and throws Thanos into space, where Doctor Strange and Warlock–who have been watching from afar–ambush him and bring him to the last remaining heroes. The heroes tell him to help them get the gauntlet from Nebula, before it corrupts her. He agrees.

Next issue, the story concludes, with the irony of Thanos teaming up with the heroes he killed to take the gauntlet from his daughter.

Infinity Gauntlet is one of the Top 10 Jim Starlin series  ever.

Next issue: The Final Confrontation!


Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #59.  Just one tie-in issue this post.  Ron Marz continues to write Silver Surfer, but this issue doesn’t have Ron Lim.  Instead, it’s very early work by Tom Raney.  Too bad.  I love Lim’s Surfer stuff.

Surfer negotiates with Doom.

And agrees to be part of the cabal that will, with Thanos, get the gauntlet from Nebula.

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