SILVER SURFER #67-69 (1992): Infinity War; 1st Morg; Geatar dies (again)

Issue #67 is a quiet one–all about the aftermath of Thanos. Silver Surfer goes visiting various members of Thanos’ extended family on Titan.

He starts with Starfox and Firelord who are holding Nebula prisoner while they investigate whether she is in fact a blood relative of Thanos–apparently she lost her mind after Infinity War. She’s said to be “fixated” on Thanos so…

They recreated Geatar (who served as Thanos’ body double while the mad titan was “dead”) to serve her.

He then visits Mentor, who reveals some of Thanos’ history: He killed his own mother when he was a child.

At this point, Galactus arrives on Earth and Surfer is summoned to help deal with that problem–but he learns that Galactus was also summoned. By Dr. Strange. As part of the effort to assemble a team to fight Magus. This is a stretched set of issues that takes place in the background of Infinity war.

I liked #67, but overall these are thin. They also lead directly into “The Herald Ordeal,” which is the next story, by showing Geatar free Nebula from her prison and…

This dude cuts off Geatar’s head. He’s Morg.

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