UNCANNY X-MEN #169-170 (1983): 1st Morlocks

In this story, Kurt has a threesome. No, not really.

He’s having a sexy bath with Amanda Sefton when he gets the alert call and has to save Warren’s girlfriend, who has been hurt–so he leaves her with his girlfriend to help her while he goes to get the other X-Men.

Angel was kidnapped and taken to the sewers.

The X-Men go hunting.

And we meet Callisto and the Morlocks, Caliban’s extended sewer family. She’s actually stalked and captured Angel to be her…Sex slave?

Involuntary husband, actually. Pretty much the same thing though.

Who overtake the X-Men.

Once captured, Callisto offers Nightcrawler membership in her team.

But there’s a Morlock rule: Anyone can challenge Callisto to take over as leader.

So Storm does.

This story is “the one where Storm becomes a badass.”  Soon after, she got a Mohawk.


She stabs Callisto.

I like how this feels like a natural progression of Storm’s character.

Kitty is wounded and separated from the group, and thus begins Caliban’s creepy fascination with her.

In addition to Callisto and Caliban, we meet many other Morlocks who will become major characters.

Like Masque.

And in the area of subplots, because no Claremont script is complete without about a half dozen of them, Maddie Pryor and Cyclops are continuing to fall in love.

It includes some foreshadowing of Pryor’s connection to Jean Grey.

And Destiny precogs that Rogue is in danger.

More on that next issue.

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