UNCANNY X-MEN #169-170 (1983): 1st Morlocks

Introducing Callisto and the Morlocks, Caliban’s extended sewer family, and “the one where Storm becomes a badass.”  Soon after, she got a Mohawk.


She kicks ass to free Angel, who’s been kidnapped by the Morlocks, led by Callisto.

Other ongoing characters are introduced, like Masque.

Kitty is wounded and separated from the group, and thus begins Caliban’s creepy fascination with her.

Great story.

And in the area of subplots, because no Claremont script is complete without about a half dozen of them, Maddie Pryor and Cyclops are continuing to fall in love and Destiny precogs that Rogue is in danger.

More on that next issue.

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