Elektra #23-24 (2003)

The the new creative team introduces its vision for Elektra with a solid one-and-done.  Actually, TWO solid done-in-ones.

Allow me to explain.

Elektra is hired to kill a “bad guy” with lots of bodyguards.  She kills the guards, one by one, closing in on the room where her target is hiding.

Issue #23 is about the target and his last personal guard, hiding and waiting for her to come.  Just before he arrives, the target fires his bodyguard saying that he wants the guard to live so that maybe it will “tip the scales” when he faces God. 

He then sits in an armchair, sips scotch, and waits for Elektra to kill him.

Then #24 tells the same story from Elektra’s point of view, ending with her killing the target.

Very nicely done, and a novel way to tell this story.  Having Bill Sienkiewicz do the covers is also, of course, a welcome addition.

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