Spectacular Spider-Man #204-206 (1993): Death of Tombstone

Hammerhead and Tombstone are once again competing for control over New York crime, and Tombstone disses Hammerhead’s penis.

Nice. And with a codename like “Hammerhead” you kinda have to expect some dick jokes at your expense.

Some artists are great at epic space battles, and some are great at drawing mob bosses fighting.  Sal Buscema is perfect for these kinds of stories.  He’s got a straightforward sense of panel arrangement and a style that focuses on exaggerated facial expressions and tight physical movement—perfect for close quarter fighting.Inevitably, the rest of the crime bosses are not good with a psycho like Tombstone, so they tell him he can have a seat at the table only if he does the impossible: Kill Spider-Man.

Meanwhile, Black Cat also wants to take down Tombstone to avenge his having hurt her boyfriend, Flash Thompson.  At one point, Spider-Man borrows her mask

Anyway, we’ve seen similar three-way battles with Cat, Spidey, and Tombstone before.  Of course, it ends up with Tombstone fighting all the guys on the council, Cat getting beaten up, Spidey rescuing her, etc.  This isn’t really new, but it’s pretty good.

I will say that I don’t know why this arc is called the “Death of Tombstone.:


Harry Osborn is believed dead and his video will is pretty intense.  But the mystery box in question ends up being a practical joke.

Meanwhile, on the letters page….

We learn about a new “group editor” system.

There is a direct correlation between this new system and the decline in quality of Marvel books.

The story ends with Black Cat laying a trip on Spidey and claiming to be his friend.

With everything she’s done–the lies and betrayals, etc., it’s more than a little reasonable for Spider-Man to be cautious about her.

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  1. Mr. Ekko- I fear you are mistaken. In this above featured shot, Tombstone is not letting Hammerhead have it in the groin, he’s breaking his knee! That’s a knee-shot, not a nut-shot! Overall, I agree with you about “Our Pal” Sal Buscema’s artwork- it is very clean and crisp, not the least bit artsy-fartsy, ( which I hate ) but it does seem to me by this point in his career that Sal is running out of gas. ( is he even still alive-?? ) His art is becoming more and more crude. I assume that’s the effects of age, and possibly, career fatigue. This sounds shitty to admit, but I was not following Sal’s comics by this point in his career, and that was the reason why. The Black Cat’s problem in this issue seems to me more of a case of OTR than any legitimate bitch. Of course, I’ll put up with a staggering amount of bitching from a woman as stunning as Felicia Hardy. ( not so much the uggoes ) As Adam West once put it to Burt Ward in re putting up with the Catwoman’s shenanigans, “A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman…… in a few more years, you’ll understand a little more about these things.” He’s right. Nuff said!


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