CAPTAIN AMERICA #33-34 (2000): 1st Cache

Dan Jurgens wrote and pencilled this story. We met Protocide a few issues ago. He’s a super soldier who fell into the hands of A.I.M. He’s performing well, so the evil scientists send him to fight USAgent as a test of his abilities.

Protocide beats the crap out of him. I knew there was a reason I liked Protocide. And don’t feel too bad for Agent Walker. This will be an excuse to give him a super exoskeleton.

Meanwhile, Captain America and Falcon are captured by a new villain named Cache–he’s a living software program who knows every fighting style and can project complex holograms that trick the heroes into thinking their in the jungle, arctic, etc.

He’s called Cache because he takes information from the internet.

Seeding future stories: SHIELD finds a dome in the desert. Following his success nearly killing USAgent, AIM sends him to kill Captain America.

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