X-Force #29-31 (1993-1994)

Lots of Shatterstar in these issues. Also…

Arcade!  Hoping this will be fun.  Or, as Arcade says, “Ducky!”

Shatterstar tries to save a mom and her kids who Arcade kidnapped, fighting his way through the usual Arcade-style gauntlet.  Arcade was hired by Mojo, who I guess is still bitter about Shatterstar being out of Mojo World.

There are brief cut-aways to the rest of the team.  Cable tries to recruit Tempo.

Rahne is still insecure and sad.  Domino joins the team.  Siryn is drinking heavily so she’s going to her home town for some R and R.  And Juggernaut will be waiting for her when she gets there.

Because all Irish characters have to be from the same town.  Hey, speaking of…Where’s Shamrock?

The Siryn story is the focus of issue #31, which occurs without a pause.  Unlike Iron Man, Siryn seems to cure her alcoholism in one issue.  Lots of stuff about her history (filling in blanks), explaining how Black Tom came to be her adoptive father, how Banshee is Tom’s cousin, and, still, nothing about Shamrock.


In the end, Black Tom agrees to turn himself into the law if Siryn will stop drinking—and apparently, that’s all it takes for her.

Juggernaut goes free.

No big fights in issue #31, but since #s 29-30 were nonstop action, it’s fine.

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