MARVEL FEATURE #4-6 (1972): Ant-Man and Wasp

A three-part story that includes a guest appearance by Spider-Man. Not very good. But the scene above seems pretty brutal. I’ve never stepped on a nail, and that one looks…Large.

The story is convoluted and silly, and involves mobsters kidnapping Curt Connors’ kid to get free drug samples.

Connors himself isn’t in it (so it could have been any kid) and free drug samples is a lame reason to hijack a kid.

Completely unrelated, Hank and Jan get permanently shrunk and then are believed dead in a fire. For some reason, the front-page coverage is not in the Daily Bugle.  But check out the stories about Jan’s estate and their chauffer.

Also, hank gets a new look.

And the return of everyone’s favorite silly villain, Whirlwind!

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