GENERATION X #42-45 (1998)

When I first read Generation X #40, which introduced Bianca and her Seven Dwarves, I never expected to see her again. I assumed she was a one-joke concept. But here she is again. Really didn’t think Larry Hama would pull from this well a second time.

This story is a Psi-War tie in, which means Emma and other psychics can’t use their powers. Bianca arrives and crashes into Generation X’s house, attacking the team. The Dwarves lose the fight and while they’re fixing the damage they caused to the biosphere they–and the sphere–get sucked into a time vortex.

We’re really in the range of the worst of the Excalibur books here.

Gaia joins the team. Who’s she? I really don’t understand who she is. But she’s on the team now. They picked her up during the same story that introduced Bianca. It’s all more time displacement stuff and it’s tedious and dully. Anyway, she’s a psychic rendered powerless by the psi war.

At the end of the story, Emma promises us a team reboot. This book desperately needs one. Jay Faerber takes over as writer with #45 as well.

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