TALES OF SUSPENSE #92-94 (1967): 1st MODOK!

Captain America sees what he thinks is a robot killing Nick Fury. 

It wasn’t Nick, thought. it was an LMD (as were all the Nick Furys at this point because the real Nick was protecting us in outer space, which we learned fifty years later, in the Original Sin event). 

In the action, Sharon Carter is captured by A.I.M. and Cap goes to rescue her where, in issue #94, we meet the new leader of AIM.

A little guy known as MODOK. My favorite villain!

The big reveal is that MODOK is a former member of AIM who rose up and took over the organization. He’s an encephalitic who shoots laser beams out of his forehead. Remember: This was 1967, when creativity wasn’t corporate or common, so something this unusual could happen. You have to love Jack Kirby!


And in the end, he lay dying. But he would return. He was too cool to die. 

This is also the issue with the really famous typographical error….

“If anyone’s gonna walk out of here on his own steam…It won’t be me!”

As for the Iron Man half of these issues, he goes to Vietnam and fights Titanium Man, as the character was revived by a Vietnamese Communist.

And has a cell phone!

And finally…two creator letters.

First, Tony Isabella.

And then…Young Walt Simonson writes in!

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