NEW WARRIORS #68-71 (1996): Future Shock

After an extended arc with Ben Reilly, the New Warriors do this:

It’s the mid-’90s. Yelling, muscles and guns. Oh, and MASSIVE casts of characters.

I do like Hindsight using his powers to cheat at Risk. And on Christmas, no less.

I suppose this is a good time to note that, although the book has suffered since Fabian Nicieza left, at least writer Evan Skolnick changed Alex Power’s name from Powerpax (terrible) to Powerhouse (much better).

The other thing he does is bring back Speedball. This is the story where we learn that Darrion Grobe is a kid from the future where Alechmax is still an evil company. Grobe’s daddy created a time travel machine (everyone’s got one these days) that used the dimension from which Speedball gets his balls. Darrion accidentally got sent into the past where he took Speedball’s place–because part of the travel shifted the real Speedball into the ball dimension.

That’s probably a lot more detail about what happened to Speedball than any of you ever wanted to see.

But Daddy, now going by the name Advent, wants his son back. And Sphinx wants to kill him because of some kind of timestream integrity argument that makes no sense in a world where at least a third of the X-Men and Fantastic Four are, at any given moment, from alternative realities/futures.

I’ll take this space to say that I am certain I failed to re-tag the original Speedball as Darrion Grobe in every single post where it was Grobe and not Baldwin. I tried, though. So give me credit for that, at least.

Given the conflict above, The Guardians of the Galaxy come back in time and fight the New Warriors because in the 616 Universe, heroes say hello by fighting each other.

Of course they end up teaming up. And Ben Reilly joins with the team again, too.

Lots of yelling and fighting before time integrity is restored and something happens to Sphinx. Honestly, I’m not sure what. But Speedball (the real one) returns to the team and everybody laughs.

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