AVENGERS #38-40/#453-455 (2001): 1st Scarlet Centurion, son of Kang

Look at how gorgeous this two-page spread is. 

38avengers 453

It shows how The Avengers are beginning a new phase–a global view. They shift to being a proactive team with Captain America and Wasp co-chairing.  Quicksilver and Thor join as well.

We see them going after Taskmaster, closing down his criminal training schools. They spy on Magneto in Genosha, work on defending against incursions from the Negative Zone, and connect with Jack of Hearts who is investigating High Evolutionary’s activies in the Savage Land. Stuff like that. Very cool.

For the main story, Diablo turns an entire town into a bunch of hulk clones.

more hulks

They eventually merge into a giant Hulk.

Lots of fun.

The story ends with the reader seeing Kang and his son, Scarlet Centurion, planning an attack.

It’s Scarlet Centurion’s first appearance.

Plus: Hank Pym has been acting crazy across about a dozen previous issues. We now see there are two of them, and evil Hank Pym finally starts to make his move.


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