THOR #6-7 (1998-1999)

As Jake Olson, Thor is awakened from a dream about when he was a child with Loki by the entrance of Marnot, the Dark God who fused Thor with the mortal form. He tells Thor that Jake Olson is about to get a civilian award for bravery from Captain America, so he should get out of bed and go get feted.

Seriously? A Dark God alarm clock?

At the ceremony, Jane Foster starts to figure out that maybe Olson has ties to the Norse Gods–especially since he still talks like Thor, “saying thee nay” and all that.

Then he and Thor get into a barfight, after which Thor asks Hercules to help him defeat the Dark Gods who have usurped Asgard.

They go to Olympus, only to find it in ruins, with the Greek pantheon believing the Asgardians were responsible–another trick of the Dark Gods, of course.

Hercules stands up for Thor against Zeus, causing Herc to be banished (again) from Olympus.

Thor and Herc part ways when they return to Earth, but it looks like after eight issues, the Dark Gods storyline is going to heat up dramaticaly.

Dan Jurgens and John Romita’s run on this book is quite good.

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