UNCANNY X-MEN #141-142 (1981)

There’s a reason Days of Future Past is one of the best known storylines in comic book history.  Many many many reasons.  


But the above danger room scene might be my favorite. It’s probably the single best X-Men story of all time, and maybe even better known than the death of Phoenix. 

The story involves Kitty Pryde, from an apocalyptic future where the Sentinels took over and killed nearly everyone with powers (mutant or not), traveling back in time to get the X-Men to prevent her future from happening.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, it’s the plot of Terminator.

Lasting changes from this story: Kitty joins the team.

It’s also the first time Mystique appears in the pages of X-Men, coming over from Chris Claremont’s run on Ms. Marvel. She recruits a new Brotherhood.


The debuts of Destiny, Pyro, and Avalanche.

And it’s the first time this comic is titled “Uncanny X-Men” on the cover, rather than just “X-Men.”

Ah…That iconic cover.

This story is one of the top 5 of the ’80s.

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