FANTASTIC FOUR #126-128 (1972)

The brief Roy Thomas era begins with a three-parter that starts with a re-telling of the foursome’s origin and a tribute cover. It’s an interesting way to launch a new creative team for a book that had been associated with Jack Kirby for 100 issues and Stan Lee for 125.


Content wasn’t the only carry over.  Thomas continued the intended-comedy-relief of the FF beating up their landlord.  This really isn’t funny though.  The team are acting like a bunch of bullies.

There’s some family moments, too, with Agatha Harkness and Franklin. 

For the main story, Mole Man is back and still a megalomaniac.

And Thing has thoughts that maybe, because he sees in the dark, he can help give eyesight to the blind Alicia Masters.

He’s still locked in battle with Tyrannus and now he brings the FF into it.


And then, at the very end, they kind of pick on Mole Man, too.  Now granted, Mole Man is a bad dude doing bad things, but you can’t help but feel sorry for him.

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