Issues #16 and #17 have two stories, both by Todd DeZago.

#1: Spider-Man and Hobie Brown (the last Prowler, now paralyzed) try to figure out who’s wearing the suit now, and try to protect whoever it is from Vulture (who is seeking revenge on Hobie).  Art by Wieringo.

#2: David Kalen, who was mutated and sent to Ravencroft Hospital during the horrible Ben Reilly days (of which we do not speak) mutates some more, and Peter talks to him about being sad.  By which I mean they commiserate on losing their brothers (Peter calls the now-dead Ben Reilly his “brother”).  Art by Richard Case.  There’s no reason this couldn’t have been a single standalone issue, without breaking it up.  Breaking up a story that’s supposed to rely on an emotional center immediately reduces its resonance.

In #18, the two stories merge and Jason Armstrong takes over art. Kalen escapes.  Spidey beats up Vulture and saves new Prowler from fatal injuries, and we learn his real identity is…Someone who just doesn’t matter, named Rick Lawson. We will never see him again because Hobie is healing and will be able to take on his old role again. 

Then, Spider-Man beats Vulture up AGAIN and this time he falls into the dissolving goop that was the body of David Kalen (who dies in this story) and…

Vulture is old again. So basically, all that was to make Adrian Toomes into the curmudgeon we know and love instead of the young buck who was around during the Ben Reilly years.

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