AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #430-431 (1998): Cosmic Carnage

Carnage comics are generally pretty by the numbers. This story has Tom DeFalco AND Carnage. So, yeah, you don’t need to read it to know what happens.

Carnage escapes confinement (again). Carnage hunts for Spider-Man.

Randomly, Silver Surfer flies by and gets possessed by Carnage.

Oh, wait. Maybe you DO need to read this?

Then Silver Surfer shakes Carnage off and flies away.

Cletus Kasaday, without the symbiote, is rendered comatose and it turns out he has cancer. So Silver Surfer, ever the compassionate dipshit, coaxes Spider-Man into letting the symbiote reunite with Kasaday. Then Surfer puts Carnage in a supposedly inescapable cosmic prison shell.

So I was wrong. You didn’t have to read this. The only thing that matters is that instead of being jailed at Ravenscroft Institution, Carnage is in this thing:

We all know that won’t hold him. He’s a wily one, that Carnage is.

Goddamn Tom DeFalco. This could have been frickin’ awesome.

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